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Umpire Factsheet


All communication (reminders, rainouts, when the schedule is published) will be through the groupme phone application. This app is available on android and ios devices.


Umpires are expected to show up at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game. All 8:00 games on field 2 may require bases and pitcher’s mound to move. If you are scheduled for this game, please work to help with this.

Shippy League Rules

Shippy League Rules can be found here.

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule will typically be made Wed-Fri the week prior. Once the schedule is posted, it will be communicated out via groupme. It is your responsibility to review this schedule asap and communicate back if you are unable to work a day you are scheduled for.

Background Checks

Umpires 18 and over are required to complete a background check. This can be completed online here.


It is preferred that umpires wear black pants/shorts and blue shirt for your scheduled game. We also recommend purchasing a umpire counter to keep track of strikes/balls/outs. These can be purchased on amazon for less than $5. Used masks, chest protectors and shin guards are in the equipment room.


Rainouts will happen in the season and reschedules are sometimes short notice. Reschedules will be communicated out via groupme. If you are able to take a game, simply reply back and you will be added to the schedule.

How do I get paid?

Time sheets will be kept in the equipment room of the concession stand. Before or after your worked game, mark the division and position you worked. Time sheets will be collected every other week and checks available (in equipment room) every other Friday throughout the season. Umpire pay scale can be found here.

Mailing Address:
Holden Sports Association
P.O. Box 232
Holden, MO 64040