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HSA Projects

New Fencing

During the 2019 season, we'll be focused on replacing sections of fence on fields 1 and 3. This should help with balls escaping under fences during play. Solid fencing is also easier on the eyes.

New Backstops and Bleacher Repairs

Since the complex was built in 2001, bleachers and backstops on the fields have been going down hill. During the 2018 season, we replaced boards on bleachers and backstops. In addition to the board replacements, dugouts, backstops and bleachers all got a new coat of blue paint.

Red Clay on Field 2

In 2017 with massive help from the Holden High School softball program, field 2 added red clay to it's infield. This not only makes for a beautiful surface, it also has help save many rain days.

T-ball Field (Lower Field)

During the 2014 season, funding was used to partially fence/backstop and set bases on the lower field. This field is now used for practices by all age groups during the season.

Field Lights

HSA has been working on funding for field lights at the complex for several years. During the 2013 season, we made significant progress with this. With the help of West Central Electric and many community volunteers, we sat poles and lights on the middle field (field 2).

If you would like to help with any of these projects, please contact us or watch for field work day announcements.